A Day In My Office Wear 1: Tribal Print Skirt

February 25, 2016

Those that have been blogging for years can attest that sitting down and being the creative behind your blog posts is not easy. I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks, well just over 10 weeks and I can say that is has not been as a smooth ride as I thought it would be. Having thought provoking and engaging content comes with a lot of research, practice and time. You need to have a vested interest in your own work and then your readers will enjoy it as much as you do. You cannot produce mediocre work and expect everyone to love it. This is a lesson to me too. Even though I have been receiving support from all over the world, I still have a lot to learn and do. 

I have come to realize that we are judged on the delivery of our work, be it good or not. I remember during the conceptualization stage of my blog where I asked myself how and what do I want my readers to categorize my blog as? What words would they use to define it? Is it fashion, lifestyle, or what? I remember writing that I want it to be more than just pictures. It must tell a story with only words or pictures or a combination of the two.Never did I write that it is a fashion, food or lifestyle site. 
Whilst wrecking my brains trying to come up with "big and very creative" content ideas, I thought why not do series posts on the things that I live everyday; hence the birth of "A day in my work office wear"  which is another series similar to "Some of the things I collect". In this way I can never run out of ideas of what to write about because this is what I enjoy and live on a daily. I can even use my previous work as a benchmark to my upcoming posts . I have been guilty of comparing my writing and pictures to that of my peers forgetting that there can only be one Sindy as much as there is only one Maria or a George in Neverland. With this series, I will be posting once a week about the outfit I wore to work which stood out for me amongst all others for that week. I hope you will enjoy it!
When I originally pulled this outfit from my cupboard it did not look like this. I remember a navy blue shirt and brown jacket. For some reason I thought let me play around with this peach jacket and see how it will look. I instantly fell inlove but the navy shirt was still too much and I added a long sleeved white shirt and it popped. Almost everyone I came across complimented the combination asked me about it and that is when I knew it was a winner. The skirt has Ndebele prints on it and it is a standout piece on its own. 

Outfit Details
Jacket: Mr. Price (7 years old)
Shirt: Mr. Price
Skirt: Fashion World
Turbine/Doek: Thrifted
Handbag: Aldo
Shoes: Woolworths
Watch: Sterns

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