It Is Continued...... What went down this weekend through pictures

April 20, 2016

First let me apologize for the sudden hiatus. Sometimes life happens and you have little to no time to sit down and to think or do even certain things. When this happens, it is a sign for me to take a break and just go and unwind, resting without influences of our social media etc. The only thing I or we do around this time is to just reconnect. Well at least that was the plan!

This past weekend, on the 17th of April 2016 was our 4th year wedding anniversary. Yeah it sounds surreal as I think of it. Sometimes we take for granted the blessings that we have until you see your own life through someone else's eyes. I often ask those closest to me to help me understand the stage I am in and many a times they come up with a different perspective than what I actually see for myself. This series is basically a diary I am documenting for my kids and grand kids which they can download and cherish forever. I will be documenting it at different and significant stages in my life.
So how did we end up at this point where we are celebrating 4 years of marriage? I am taking it back 5 or 6 years back… As mentioned in my previous post, Benjamin and I just hit it off hey, lol. I remember having a conversation with him about meeting my late mother in law. I plainly refused because to me it was a little too soon. I did not really know how to react to him wanting to introduce me to his mom at that point. We were only a few months into our relationship. For me you needed to be in a serious relationship for at least 2 years or so in order for you to meet the parents. For him to ask me was unheard off. For months I refused. One day he said to me that his mom was asking him if he was actually seeing someone or just making it up so that she does not bother him about it anymore. 
One day as we were driving back home to Phalaborwa, of which he normally drops me off at my house (mom's house in this case), he changed the direction and said lets pass by his house (ours now J) because he needed to go switch on the lights seeing it was already dark. At this time I had been on the road for about 9 hours, I was tired so I was not up for going back and forth over this minor delay. I had been travelling since midday that day, from Mafikeng to Kempton Park, then he came to pick me up and we started our journey to Phalaborwa. I was at my Kempton Park place for 10 minutes at the most, dropping off clothes I came back with from Mafikeng and packing my weekend bag. Me being me, I could not deny him that as I was too tired to fight it off and he had been a gentleman enough to wait for me and give me a free ride to my family home. 
Normally my late mother in law would leave the house on Fridays when we were coming back home to go to hers in the village. On that particular day they had planned this story of closing the windows and switching lights on together just so she could meet me. He basically told his mom that I thought it was too early to meet me blah blah blah… He asked me to come into the house with him and we'll be quick. He will start in the bedrooms and switch the lights on the passage and I can close the lounge windows etc and we’ll be done in no time. It made sense right? You can imagine the shock of my life when I got to the lounge. I wanted to turn back but I was already in and he was standing behind me. My mother in law was sitting there smiling the whole time. She was listening to us the whole time planning how we’ll do it and be out in no time, i.e. about switching the lights on and closing the windows (get your mind out of the gutter joking). At that point I noticed that the windows were already closed, the light in the bathroom was on. It was basically deliberate that the passage light was off so that it would seem as if there was no one in the house. 
In a nutshell, that is how I got to meet my late mother in law. It was a nerve wrecking yet beautiful experience. She welcomed me into her life and I got to know her for a period of 2 more years before God asked for one of his angels back. I do miss her dearly because I wish I had spent more time with her. Through her, I got to know more about my dear hubby and what makes him tick or mad. Through her I got to picture my life with a Maenetja man… And now I am living what she said to me years ago with her son, my bestfriend and confidant.
 My Outfit Details
Dress: Marion Hall Edgars
Scarf: Mr Price
Sneaks: Woolworths
Lipstick: D for Danger by Mac
His Outfit Details
Hat: Harkerville Saturday Market (Plettenburg bay)
Shorts: Truworths
T-Shirt: Lacoste
Beach in Plettenberg bay, Western Cape
Gosh this is going to be a 100 page book by the time I get to the 2016 Anniversary day story lol. I hope you will stick around to read more of what it basically takes to be where I am at today… Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it.
Please leave your comments below with what more you would like to read in the next one. Love you all…

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