Pastel In Winter

July 08, 2016

This week went by quickly; in fact it was running away from something I just don’t know what it is or pin point it. I remember waking up on Monday and today it is Friday. Is it because I had so much to do and I just fell short in getting to everything I set out to do for the week? Maybe it is wrong to blame or focus on this week alone; but why isn’t this year waiting for some of us to achieve at least two of our objectives?

Just the other day I was chatting to my friend and colleague Tanya about what we initially set out to achieve by mid-year 2016. Honestly we were so dumbfounded to realise that we are no better off than the previous years. In fact, we are just slightly better off as we have one resolution going positively for us. “Through sheer determination and hard-work” (I hope that you all get the pun or sarcasm as I am laughing hard as I write this); the Savings challenge is still on and on track. It is taking some serious and I mean SERIOUS commitment.  We decided to save together in one account as opposed to separate accounts. In this way we keep each other motivated and honest. Even though it is easy to commit to shopping and entertainment budgets, it is not so easy to commit to saving.

One thing I also pledged to do this year is to travel more than previous years but life has not been too kind. Some things you cannot avoid as they force you to adjust and make them a priority. One thing that I have taken away from this recent challenge is to be more positive; and not only realising that I am not so quick to adjusting to change but finally accepting it for what it is. Even though it was hard at first, it has become a part of the new me. I am embracing the change, the good and the bad. I love more and hard now; better than before and I hope you are doing the same to your loved ones.

For my look today, I went for pastel colours as they brought a pop of colour without being too into your face. They brought with a fresh and calming attitude to me specifically on this day.
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