Reflection 2: Finding Peace Amidst Challenges

October 09, 2016

How do you find peace when you are going through life changing situations?
I have asked myself this question before and at the time it was so easy to answer. It was just a mere routine question to remind me to reflect constantly on things going on in life. However when you go through life changing situations, it is a different concept all together.
Today’s post is to remind me and those going through challenging situations that even this too shall pass. A couple of months ago I read a piece from someone I know where she was describing how life had thrown her in the deep end of darkness, pain and sorrow. I remember telling her that nothing is impossible through prayer. Until you become one with God and you have a personal relationship with him; everything will seem too hard. It will seem unsalvageable or worthless. Attempting to be positive will be a big ask. These words are very easy when you tell someone who is about to give up on life to hold on but they are often very difficult for them to accept. I have been there, I am there!
Lately, I have made it my mission to read about the women in the bible. How they overcame challenges and managed to remain resilient. The first 2 women who moved me were Hannah and Ruth. Today I will be referencing them. These women embody how to be a woman of character. Hannah is a woman whose story has shown that the most unpleasant and untoward circumstances can produce a woman of character who can be seen as a blessing by many. Piety/goodness reigned in her heart. She cried day and night and still retained her serenity. She had the attributes of power, knowledge, majesty, holiness and grace. But she still humbled herself before the Lord and her loved ones. You can read about Hannah in the book of Samuel.
Ruth, another example of a humble and contrite woman of God! She had been separated from God but was saved and welcomed by the grace of God. Her story demonstrates the kind of love and faithfulness the Lord desires from us. I am one person who when I go through challenges, I give up. When I am angry, I cannot pray. I blame God for letting my enemies win when I have been faithful in him. I struggle to understand why he would let me suffer when I trusted him and believed in his word that he did not bring me here to let me suffer. I get so much anger especially when I see people do wrong and hide behind his name. For some reason, I now realise that we cannot all be of the same will. I know this is something I have to work on for the grace of God dwells within me. Faith needs heart. "Seek Christ and you will find eternal peace", these words push me to be strong willed.  

Lastly I leave you with these words from the book of James 4:6 “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”. We will make it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Remember to share it with your friends and family. Also leave your comments below on what the next reflection and faith related post should be about. Or share about how you overcame circumstances that even challenged your character or being.
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