Reflection 3: Life Lessons And What I am Enjoying Right Now

October 24, 2016

Firstly let me start by apologizing for my inconsistency in terms of putting up new content. Life has been a bit challenging on my side and I have not been in the greatest of moods. But I am at a point where things are picking up and normalizing again and I can give the best of me to this blog. I am hoping that sometime in the future I can reflect on my recent life changing situation and share with you some of the challenges I went through that can only make me a better person from now onward.

  • Life lesson I am swearing by now: To love myself first before I can love someone else. This relates to all the relationships I have in my life, from family to colleagues, friends and neighbours. I have come to realise that I have been giving more of myself to those around me, trying to mend each and everything wrong in their lives. In that process I have been pleasing other people and paying no attention to my needs nor well being. Now I am at a point where I am starting to love myself more and make sure my glass is overflowing with abundance of love for self before I can start pouring some of that love to others
  • What I am listening to: This is a mix of some old school jams like Brown Eyed Girl by Tevin Campbell to mainstream songs of today like Love on the Brain by Rihanna, Reach It by Zonke Dikana and Ngiyakudinga Mtakwethu by Lloyd Cele. These songs have been on repeat for over a month now
  • What I am reading: Aminatta Forna's The Memory Of Love. I will be doing a review on this book
  • I am grateful for: My family, that includes my immediate and extended family. In this time when I needed them they showed me that even this too shall pass and I must focus on the positive and not dwell much on the negative. God has been too kind to me despite of all that has been going on he has not forsaken me yet. In fact this challenge has made me meet myself for the first time. Vulnerable times can bring something inside you to the fore that people can appreciate and protect it or use it to break you
  • I accept that: We are all destined for greatness. It is just that “greatness” means something different to each of us. This past weekend we laid a friend of mine to rest. Her passing hit me hard and forced me to reflect on how I have been trying to be perfect and in the process I forgot to live life fully. Life is too short to plan for a future that is only in God’s hands. Only he has written my story in the books of time(life), I must just appreciate everything in it

  • Looking forward to: I am looking forward to seeing what the New Year has in store for me. My New Year starts today. This dawning of a new day is my new beginning
  • I promise to: Continue loving harder and living life to the best of my ability and most importantly without regrets
I hope you have enjoyed this post. This tribal print dress was featured in the "What I am loving for Spring" post published last month.
Please share with me in the comments section your biggest and most prominent life lesson you have learnt in recent times. Mwah for now and thanks for stopping by as always.

 Outfit Details
Dress: Mr Price
Shoes: Jet
Clutch: Colette Hayman Collection

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