What I Am Currently Loving For: Autumn

February 20, 2016

H&M Textured Jacket
            Country Road Blouse

Zara Contrast Material City Bag

Autumn is fast approaching for those of us in Southern Africa; in fact it is a couple of weeks away if not days already.... The weather experts are already anticipating that this winter will be the coldest it has been in a couple of years. For the past couple of years we have been enjoying the beautiful seasons of the year because it felt like we had only 3 seasons namely Summer, Autumn and Spring and no winter. With that said, it does not mean that you don't have to look put together or at least cute and dressy for both Autumn and Winter. This is a beautiful time especially for those who easily get frustrated during the summer time. Autumn for me means that some of my favourite colours make a big statement in my wardrobe. This is the time I rock my burnt orange, dark green and the burgundy coloured clothes. Who cannot be happy with those colours honestly? Add a touch of navy blue, oatmeal and mustard and you are a winner. Believe you me, you will be walking on cloud nine literally :-)
H&M Jersey Dress
Aldo Lillianne Boot

Burgundy Shirt Dress

However there are also common misconceptions that people make about colours. They tend to forget about the bright summery colours and do not incorporate them in their day to day wear because society says during Autumn and Winter bright colours are a taboo. I can safely say that dispel those myths; and yes they are just myths. You can still dress a pink shirt and tone it down with a navy blue bottom and accessorize with a scarf that has a striking print to bring the outfit together. Basically you can make any colour work in any season of the year!

Ginger Mary Dress
Aldo Etung Heel
Truworths Mustard  Dress
While looking at items I need to spruce up my wardrobe, I thought why not share the items I love and will be picking up or I already have in my cupboard. Note: You do not necessarily have to go splurge on these when you already have something similar in your cupboard. That would not be so smart right? I have been looking around the shops, scouting for what is trendy, be it basic items or fashionable/in-season items to add to my wardrobe. The items are not designer so most of us can afford them. I have picked these from stores like Mr. Price, Woolworths, Zara, Aldo and Truworths. 

H&M Denim Jumpsuit

Colette Hayman Beaded
 Hard Case Clutch
Aldo Lampley Boot

When I was busy finalizing this post, I thought why not add a look that I do not necessarily gravitate towards i.e. a Jumpsuit look for those dinner dates with friends or your loved one. Personally I am not very comfortable wearing pants as I feel you need to have a nice tush to support it. I know what works for my body type and I stick to that, maybe 2016 will be the year of experimenting with them. 
Outfit Details
1. Textured Jacket : Available @H&M Sandton City Mall
2. Country Road Blouse : Available @Woolworths Stores Nationwide
3. Contrast Material City Bag : Available @Zara Sandton City/East Gate Mall, V&A Waterfront, zara.com
4. Jersey Dress : Available @H&M Sandton City Mall
5. Lillianne Boots : Available @Aldo and Edgars Stores Nationwide
6. Burgundy Shirt Dress : Available @Mr. Price Stores Nationwide and mrp.com
7. Ginger Mary Dress : Available @Truworths Stores Nationwide and truworths.co.za
8. Etung Heels :  Available @Aldo and Edgars Stores Nationwide
9. Mustard Dress : Available @Truworths Stores Nationwide and truworths.co.za
10. Denim Jumpsuit : Available @H&M Sandton City Mall
11. Beaded Clutch : Available @Colette Hayman Store Centurion Mall and colettehayman.com.au
12. Lampley Boots : Available @Aldo and Edgars Stores Nationwide

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this post gave you an idea/ideas on what colours are good for the Autumn season and for transitioning into winter. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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