A Day In My Office Wear 3: Favourite Burgundy Coat

March 23, 2016

Last week's favourite office wear was a simple black skirt and shirt. It has been raining cats and dogs off late and I have also been a little under the weather. I tried being positive for the few shots I took but you can still see that I was not myself. I had the most horrendous day on this specific day to a point where I had to make a U-Turn and go back home. Nonetheless I still loved the look and wanted to share it with you all. Sometimes I try to be a trooper even though I am not really feeling good. I hope your week is going much better. Thanks for stopping by as always

Note: Excuse the quality of the pics, I will try and retake the shots in the coming week or so and re-upload them. 

Outfit Details
Jacket: Truworths
Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Truworths
Shoes: Aldo
Shades: Ruby by Cotton On
Lipstick: Heroine by Mac with a Red Lip liner

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