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March 12, 2016

It was after my recent trip to the Beauty Factory store in Centurion Mall to buy these products again that I decided to write something about them. I think what actually won me over is the beautiful packaging, then the scent and all other things. Packaging is definitely one of the things that high end brands and designers really invest serious resources on. 
I am a sucker for great packaging because just like food which you eat with your eyes first, and clothes which you pick based on colour, cut and the fabric; in this instance it was the thick glass containers that you can even recycle once finished dthat made me try these. Let me not take away from actual products themselves because the Shea Butter based mousse, bath oil and the spritz are to die for.
Note: This is not a sponsored post in any way, I bought the products with my own money.

Had it not been for dear hubby introducing me to these products 3 years ago on my birthday, I would have missed out on this affordable luxury. He has good taste and honestly I underestimate and not give him enough credit when it comes to buying gifts. In fact now the scale has dipped in his favour and I am falling short when it comes to buying gifts. So if you ever run out of gifting ideas for a close friend, try these out.

So in the beautiful box are 6 products, namely:
  • Bath Salt
  • Bath Oil
  • Bath Milk
  • Body Mousse
  • Body Spritz
  • Massage Candle
These have a vanilla, strawberry and caramel undertones to them. Yes I know you are probably salivating, you don’t have to be ashamed J The big winner of them all is that they leave the skin nice, soft and subtle especially after a nice bubble bath. I urge you try them just once and you will be hooked for life.

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