Reflection Of My Blogging Journey : One

March 19, 2016

Hmmn where do I start with this post? Let me first say thanks to everyone who took their time be it a sec or minute to visit my blog. It could have been out of curiosity of what it is about or just wanting to see what new sites are out there, I appreciate it nonetheless. Your support is motivating me to do better than yesterday. Honestly I thought this would be a breeze, and I mean what could be hard about writing about the clothes I wear or the books I read huh? Answer is: Everything!

Anyway lets get into it
How has blogging been for me?

Blogging has afforded me the opportunity to write about the things I enjoy without reservation. To share my ideas and also acknowledging that what is interesting to me may not be so for others too. I am using this time especially this year to build it to where it can be a go-to site in the coming years.

What challenges have I faced to date?

This is embarrassing to even bring it up but gosh I am camera shy. I don’t even know if I ever envisioned how the pictures where going to be taken but gosh this still needs lots of practice. Mind you my younger brother is my camera man for now, imagine the day I am going to hire someone I have no relations with? Ha ha ha, but we are getting there. I know blogging requires a lot of commitment in terms of time and producing creative content that is also thought provoking and visually appealing but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this taxing. I am not a quiter, I can only say “I have a lot to learn”. 
Has blogging changed my views about other bloggers and the effort required?

Honestly it has made me respect them even more. There are bloggers I have been following for years, and through their hard work and seeing where they have come from, I can only give them the props especially now when I am doing it myself.
How has it been juggling family, day job and blogging?

Honestly I have surprised myself that it has not been a problem. When it was just family and day job, I struggled to find the balance with just those 2. Now I have a schedule that I stick to. If I do not finish my work or blogging tasks before family time, then they take a back seat for those few hours or days because I believe nothing can replace precious moments with family but you can always complete unfinished work or posts. 
How many views do I have to date?

I have had just over 3000 views for the 3 months of my blog’s existence, it is not a lot in comparison to seasoned bloggers but it is a lot to me especially when my target was 5000 views for the first year. I still have 9 more months before I celebrate my first year of blogging so I can already see that I will surpass that. When I set that target, it was realistic especially looking at the odds against me. But I will be re-evaluating that as the year goes by…. 
By the way, what I am wearing is the outfit I wore to the office this past Wednesday hence the handbag :-) The shirt is from the men’s section at Mr Price.
Outfit Details
Jacket: Truworths
Shirt: Mr Price
Dungaree: Truworths
Handbag: Aldo
Hat: Mr Price (Old)
Shoes: Woolworths
Shades: Ruby by Cotton On
Lipstick: Heroine by Mac with a Red Lip liner
Thanks for reading till this far. See you soon!

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