The Glorious Pursuit Of Being Better Than I Was Yesterday

March 28, 2016

Easter is finally here and I cannot believe just how blessed I have been to date. First let me say thanks to God for blessing me with yet another year and an opportunity to reflect on my personal journey with Christ. So what Does Easter Mean To Me?

Growing up, Easter was a time when the whole family got together, went to church; had a feast; marshmallows and Easter eggs and that was it. Until one day my mother said to me, my girl you are of age now. I think it is time you find and understand the meaning behind certain things and events happening in your life. You need to make an adult decision for yourself and choose your path on this earth. As a child we offered you to Christ but it has to be your will and choice if this is the path for you. From then onward I went on a journey of knowing myself and what I need and want in life. And every time someone shared the word of God I went and read it for myself too. You do know that as humans we have a limited understanding and what you interpret or understand to be the meaning of the verse you just read can mean something totally different to me.
Ever wondered why the same Bible which has been read a million times can resonate with you in every situation you may be going through? It is because we are uniquely made to comprehend life and the word to meet the purpose it is intended to be at that particular point in your life. Link to a related Easter Post 
In a nutshell what is Easter to me!
Jesus' crucification and death: Letting go of the things that were weighing me down or making me not be a desirable person to myself (most importantly) and to those around me
Resurrection of Christ: Awakening in me the things that would make me a better person; renewing my faith and acknowledging that everything that happens on this earth be it good or bad; work together for the goodness of life. And that I must understand that sometimes sacrifices are necessarily for progress to prevail.

Easter Egg Inspired Outfit Details
Jacket: Truworths
Shirt: Woolworths
Skirt: Ackermans
Shoes: Mr. Price
Clutch: Truworths
Lipstick: RAL 31 by Black Up
Sunglasses: Ruby by Cotton On
Thanks for stopping by, happy Easter!

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