The Mini And The Phone Booth

March 06, 2016

The other day I was going to the shops at my favourite mall, and I saw this old telephone booth and right there and then I decided to take pictures. They were never meant to end up on the blog but I loved them so much that I would not want to waste them. I was originally wearing flats but luckily for me I had heels in the car. I just quickly grabbed them and started taking pics like a lunatic lol

I am a very conservative person and the way I dress is a representation of my personality. However I have been using this platform to come out of my shell and show my fun side. My lil sister was saying to me "sis, why don't you let everyone know the fun person that you are because they always assume that you are too serious due the way you dress" Hence when I saw the phone booth I was like there is my first opportunity to do that. I hope you enjoy the pics… I am still camera shy ;-) though

 Outfit Details
Jacket: Mr. Price
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Shoe City
Satchel: David Jones
Watch: Sterns
Lipstick: D for Danger by Mac
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