Transitioning From Always Spending To Learning How To Save

March 04, 2016

The story behind this dress and many others which I supposedly bought by mistake. Oh mara what can I do? God blessed me with eyes and hands to not only see beautiful things but to pick them up too. And that is normally where the problem starts. I have been a good girl until recent times when I started buying things because my house/I need them or worse I will be needing them in the future. And my reason would be "for all I know I am not the only one". 

At first I thought it was not bad seeing I was not spending it on a R1000 or R2500 dress, it was only R300 - R800. But guess just how many of these R300 and R800 dresses I am buying in a month? Dear hubby made a comment the other day that there is no room in the house and wardrobe where you will not find any of my clothing items. It was this statement that made me re-evaluate my spending. Even though I am not splurging on expensive things, it is too many of the inexpensive which equates to 3-4 times the amount I used to spend on 3 high end items every other month but I do this weekly.

So one day as I was scrolling down my facebook timeline to see what people are up to, I came across this picture of a table with the title "52 Week Savings Plan". At a glance I thought it was a 52 Week Sit-up plan lol. Basically the concept is based around the 52 weeks of a year and that you must save weekly. 
Therefore the formula is that:
You multiply each week number by R10 and that is the amount you must save for that week. e.g. Week one in January I saved R10, Week two was R20 etc.
Then at the end of week 52 I would have saved R13780. So this is my challenge for 2016. If I can get it right, then next year I will double the contribution. In this way I can save towards a holiday without dipping into my credit cards. Now I am challenging you to save with me.

In case you have not figured it out yet, this is my second resolution for 2016. To save and save!

With saving on a weekly basis, I have less and less money to buy unnecessary things every time I go to buy what we actually need ;-). 

Outfit Details
Dress: Fashion World
Cardigan: David Jones @ Woolworths
Shoes: Fashion Express
Handbag: H&M
Watch: Sterns

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