Reflection 1: Importance Of Having Time To Yourself

April 24, 2016

Reflection and Solitude should be a part of every being seeking to be a better version of themselves. This year I am making it a habit to include reflection and solitude moments as I do a life and lifestyle audit. Finding time when juggling family, work and life is a challenge but I try to do this at least once a week or whenever I can. We are living in times where it is easy to lose focus of what is important due to the competitive nature of humans and the love for finer things. No one can honestly say that they have not looked at that one person next to them and wished if only some part of their life was like theirs. I am guilty of this because the more I feast on social media, the more I think of things and ways to change my life. Not that I do it with the intention of being like them, but doing it to make me feel good inside. Some of these things honestly are meaningless and don’t even hold any weight to what I have going well in my life.

With having some Sindy time, I am realizing more and more that I am maturing spiritually and emotionally too. I can differentiate the needs from the wants. During this time of which is normally an hour or 2, I keep my phones at bay and just be alone, yes alone away from everyone and my usual distractions. My journal and pen become my most cherished and priced possessions.  Having a moment of solitude should be something that everyone invests in. Don't you want to know what good you are doing and what you should be working on? I am sure your friends and family can help you identify areas of improvement if you cannot do it on your own.
On this particular day, the weather was gloomy but perfect enough for some alone time. There was this beautiful bench overlooking Brenton On Sea Town. It is unfortunate I did not take pictures of this beautiful place just off Sedgefield and before Knysna Town; hopefully you can still see a snippet of it on some of the pictures. The view was breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful too. The water was also as blue as the clouds. 
3 Main Reasons why we all need to have some alone time:
Perspective - You can see where you are in your life and what is working well for you. In all honest truth you cannot progress in life when you do not know what it is you must work on; and how much harder or what more you need to work on in order to get there (your desired space/place)
Vision – Where you would like to be. Be it in your relationships, work and personal development. With this in mind, you will know what you need to weed out of your life because it will hold you back in your progress
Goal – What you need to have and do to get to your vision. You can even track your progress and if the same goal you had in the beginning is still relevant today
I hope you have enjoyed this piece. So I am finally committing to having 2 posts in a week. New posts will be published every 3-4 days from date of the latest post. 
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Jet Store
Dress: Jet Store
Stockings(Extra Sheer): Woolworths 
Shoes: The Fix formerly known as Fashion Express
Bag: Dune London
Scarf: Pick n Pay Clothing

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