South Africa Today, What Is Your Take On It?

April 07, 2016

These are trying times for South Africa and the future looks bleak for some of us. You cannot ignore what is happening to our political landscape and hope that is will just disappear. The political and economic scene of our country is scary to say the least. We have a party which we elected in good faith that it will forever uphold the standards and needs of the people very high and also protect the constitution no matter what. For a very long time we have always believed that no man is bigger than the constitution of our beloved country but more and more as the days go past we see that it is not so. I am so disappointed that what we were once made to believe to be is not the case. On the other hand, we have our trusted MPs protecting one man and the image of a party which is said to be of the people. This brings a question of what will it take for our leaders to stand for what is right than saving their own face!

We were not expecting our leaders especially our president to be perfect, but we at least expected him to be a man of integrity, honour and compassion. Writing this piece today I wish I could say otherwise about him. I was listening to some people on the train giving an analogy of what is happening now. One of them likened it to the story in the Bible where Jesus was crucified for doing good and everyone did so because they deemed him to be above all and he was not. Then the people chose to save a man who had committed so many evil deeds because they could not stand to face the truth of the change which was to come. They would rather live within the unhealthy and treacherous circumstances than do what is right. This was the choice made by our MPs when they chose to protect a man taking down our country to protect their wants and what they are currently getting from the corrupt deeds of our government. My plea to Mr President, like he so says in many of his speeches that he always has the best interest of this nation at heart, please do the right thing for the masses and step down. Stepping down does not mean he is a weak man, it simply means that he is a man not controlled by his ego and pride but a man willing to show his strength in a respectable way. We would all be proud that he at least had the guts to do the right thing at last.
This post might not reach the president or a lot of people but I hope there are many of us writing similar stories of the unjust of our leaders. Change must come and it must come today to protect the legacy of the people who fought for the freedom of this beautiful country and the continent of ours.
I have had to hold back on the planned posts for this week due to this post and the challenges my beloved country is currently going through. The country is running down the dumps very fast. Some may say that we are just complaining and being influenced by the western world to condemn and cry foul about our political stance today. That to me is showing that our own elected leaders are undermining us as a people and nation saying we cannot see and question the wrong doing in their part. Corruption comes and lives in so many forms. But does that mean we just turn a blind eye and not say anything?

Please note that the views in this post are my own unless stated otherwise. Thanks for stopping by. Do share your thoughts on the political and economic state of our country or continent or world as a whole.

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