Mother's Day Inspiration 2016 : Relationship Between A Mother And A Child

May 08, 2016

Today is your special day mom. Yes you! You deserve the praises and accolades given to you today and forever more. A bond between a mother and a child is one that only the 2 of you share. No one can understand the dynamics and sacrifices that you do daily to make sure your children are fed, bathed, taken care off. And I am not speaking from a monetary or material point of view but from a genuine abundance of love.

My mother and I have a wonderful bond that only God can break. Flaws and all, she has always been my rock and pillar of strength. She speaks life, positivity, encouragement, respect, integrity and love; to me and to all the others she comes across. Through living the things she taught me, I am as strong and resilient as her. She showed me what it is to be a woman and a partner to my significant other.
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Lastly, what I want to share with all the mothers of the nation is that, you have the greatest job given to you by God. You are the best mom your child (ren) will ever know and in this they will know what or who a good woman is. Make sure as you have always been, especially to your daughters that you show them what it is to have strength and love. When a child knows and feels loved from their home, they will never go outside seeking it. And when they do, they would know the difference between what love is and how it should feel.   
I fortunately have the privilege of having a stepson whom I have known and been a part of his life for 5 years now. He is a wonderful boy growing to be great young man. And to all the step moms, it is not easy but it is worth every experience it teaches both you and your child. Your step child (ren) is your child too. When you show them love, once they are old enough to be independent and fend for themselves; they will love other step children should that be a part of their path because you have showed them that it is possible to love someone who is not even your blood unconditionally.

Once more, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Again, A happy mother’s day to all the women and mothers of the world! Even those that do not have children of their own today, I am almost certain you are a mother to your nieces and nephews, Sunday school kids, neighbours kids etc. Continue spreading the love and building a better nation. Mwah J

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