Transitioning A Picnic Outfit To Dinner Ready In Seconds

May 11, 2016

Many a times we are caught up between hectic day jobs, meetings in between and rushing home to family time. I am often guilty of always running late from one commitment to another and I end up being forced to wear the same outfit to my next event. How many of us have had this unfortunate event happen to us? I think many J
A most recent run-in for me was when I was in Plettenberg Bay for a picnic; somehow we failed to keep track of time especially because we had another event to attend to. Time just flew by and we had to scramble to our dinner reservation. Me being me I always keep a pair of formal and casual shoes in the car just so when push comes to shove I can just freshen up in the nearest restroom and off I am ready to go. If you have read my previous post “It Is Continued..... What Went Down This Weekend Through Pictures”, you will notice that the outfit in these pictures looks soo familiar.
So yes it is the same outfit. The dress and the scarf are exactly the same. The pictures were also taken on the same day. In the pictures, I have captured how I transitioned my picnic/day look to evening ready by mere switching up the shoes; the picnic basket for an evening clutch; and lastly adding a biker jacket for a more chilled chic look. I hope this gave you an idea on how you can reuse or spruce up your outfits with the items you already have in your wardrobe without having to go the shops to do some unnecessary damage which might leave a dent in your wallet. 
 My Outfit Details
Dress: Marion Hall Edgars
Jacket: Identity
Scarf: Mr Price
Sneaks: Woolworths
Heels: Woolworths
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Picnic Basket: Hackerville Saturday Market (Plettenberg Bay)
Lipstick: D for Danger by Mac
Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have. Do share your thoughts on the 2 but similar looks in the comments section below

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