Happy Father's Day 2016

June 19, 2016

Today it is Father’s day. This is a very special day to many and many can be included in the celebration but they do not qualify. I hold this day dear to my heart as I was also given the opportunity to know how it is and how it should feel to have a father around. I am fortunate enough to have been blessed with 2 fathers. One who raised me and the one who gave me life (I am only having a relationship with him now, 27 years later). 
Many ask me how I do it. How I can take a child not even my own and welcome him into my home. Not only do that, but show him love like no other. My family even ask me where my kids are at when they do not see me with them. I say kids because I have also opened my home to my late sister in law’s youngest daughter. She is a handful but precious nonetheless.
Well let me tell you more about why I feel strongly about welcoming my step son into my home and not have reservations about him turning against me one day. I do it because I have no expectation from him whatsoever. God will take care of that. My mother once introduced me and my siblings to a man I will forever respect, remember and cherish for all the days of my life. He was my step-dad, my father. When I remember him, I feel joy and sadness at the same time because he never had the opportunity to see the woman I have become because of him. He came into my life when I was 8 years old. You would not know that he was not my biological father because of how he treated us. Even though he was more fond of my brothers, it was because he had always wanted a boy. Hence today when I remember one of my favourite quotes “Some people are there for a season and others are there for a lifetime, which one are you”; I tear a bit.
Ha ha ha, I laugh because it so easy remembering the time we spent with him. He gave me LIFE, he gave me a SECOND CHANCE to experience love from a father. Today I can write a book about his life because he showed me love. He was a typical African man, with less emotion but very full of expressing his love, gratitude, pride etc through his actions.  We often take for granted the people we have in our lives, especially our parents. Some because they are poor, not educated, not perfect in any way and we forget how God has still placed them in our lives. Some have never met their parents, and they can only wish to know what it like is to have a mother and/or a father around. Just to be in their presence would be soothing enough. Ever wondered why one of the greatest command from God is to love your mother and father? It is because when they are not around, you will feel it. You will be lost and no one could understand what you are feeling or going through but them. Often than not, they will be honest with you when you go astray and even when you do good they would be the first to congratulate you. Let’s honour, respect and celebrate the mothers and fathers in our lives. They could be an uncle, aunt, neighbour, pastor or anyone filling those shoes. It is not easy. In case you missed my mother's day post here it is 

Happy Father’s Day 

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