A Day In My Office Wear 5: 3 Piece Men's Inspired Suit

July 02, 2016

I cannot help but laugh as I edit my upcoming posts. I know just how much I love the colours BROWN and BLUE, but they seem to be overpowering all the other colours in the pictures. Not that I planned it, I just pick random items from my wardrobe and put multiple looks together; as long as they make sense at the time, then they are good to go. Besides this is how I dress daily. 

With this particular office wear look, I went for a look inspired by a men’s 3 Piece tweed suit. I find inspiration from almost anything and everything I come across and not limiting it to just clothes. Maybe one day I will do a look inspired by a packet of Chips or a Book cover. Just another one of my random ideas ;-) . Now back to my post; you know winter is one of those seasons that you can pull tweed without feeling like you are in an oven. It is warm and carries body heat with ease and you are sure not to feel any cold for the day. I then softened the look with a grey cardigan and a white shirt. I swear if I was a man, I would be living in suits or at least formal wear everyday. It oozes sophistication and power somehow J. We may see it differently and it is okay.
I hope you have enjoyed my version of a 3 Piece tweed inspired look. Just stay tuned as I can almost guarantee that the next few weeks will be exciting. Even though the colours might seem redundant, do not despair as they feature very different impressions of my style. I have also inserted links to my previous 4 Office wear looks here, Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4.

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Outfit Details
Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Mr Price
Cardigan: Woolworths
Shoes: Woolworths
Handbag: Dune London SA
Shades: Ruby @ Cotton On

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