My Embarrassment My Agony

July 29, 2016

I have had to change my post for this week to give a little update. On Tuesday morning amidst the cold and showers, I had a mini accident where I tripped in the middle of the road with traffic coming towards me. At one point I thought one of the cars was going to hit me but the guy stopped just in time and even came to see if I was ok. As an adult, it is not the norm that you trip and fall. I did not know how to handle the situation. For a good 3 minutes I could not feel my back but thought nothing much of it. Luckily I managed to get on my feet thanks to the wonderful and true gentlemen who work at my company.  

The road is made of cobble stones that are a bit shiny and when it rains it can get slippery. Me being the lady that I am, I could care less of it raining or not. So when I feel like wearing any shoe I do it. On this particular day I wore heeled ankle boots as they provide the balance and support on my feet and add that oomph to ones outfit. Somehow I stepped on the side of one stone and lost my footing. Long story short, it was an embarrassing encounter and now my back is giving me agony especially at night or when I sit for long. Even though the doctor said there was just some bruising, it should be ok in the next couple of days. I am alive, can walk and do pretty much everything I have always been able to just with a little aching back; most importantly I am managing.
I hope you guys have had a better week than mine and are looking forward to the weekend. As always thanks for stopping by and remember to share your comments on this look I wore to the office on Monday.
 Outfit Details
Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Ackermans
Coat: Ackermans (Old)
Shoes: Runway Sale
Scarf: PicknPay Clothing
Bag: Zara
Lambert: Thrifted in JHB CBD

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