Exciting Winter Style Collaboration

August 08, 2016

Dumelang bagwera baka (Hello Friends)!
I am so soooo excited to be sharing this post with you. It is my first collaboration piece and I could not have done it with anyone better than a fellow personal style and lifestyle blogger Michelle; of Simplysiro. It is often intimidating to approach anyone for collaboration posts especially if it is a seasoned blogger. However Michelle was open to the idea from the get go and here we are today. Her friendly and great personality just brings this demeanor about her that is so lovable and relatable. She did not mind that I was not even from her beautiful country Kenya; she just embraced the idea of One Africa One Nation. 

I personally enjoy her writing and her eye for beauty in all its forms. She embraces and embodies everything that is to be a young and modern African woman today.Today I am chuckling and smiling to myself as I can finally share this post with you. Blogging has brought not only a self confidence in myself but also the courage to put myself and passion out there for people to share with me. I always admired people from afar but never had the guts to say hi or even to say you are beautiful. But today this platform has afforded me the opportunity to meet and share ideas with like minds from all walks of life.

For our looks we had to incorporate 2 specific items i.e. something Furry and Boots. Who would have thought that even though our looks are so different they still look coordinated and well put together. I must say that I was so impressed with her look that I thought of a re-shoot :-). In essence this is what personal style is about. Taking something on trend and making it your own. For more of her pictures please go here and I can guarantee that you will not only be marvelled by her beauty but you will be taken aback by her writing too.
 Michelle's Outfit Details
Fur Coat: Thrift
Top: Old
Pants: Thrift
Boots: Kelly & Katie
Chain: Old
Earings: Old
You can also find us on social media
Instagram sindisosdiary and simplysiro
Twitter: blksindyg and simplysiro
Facebook page: sindisosdiary

Cheers for now and remember to stay beautiful. Do share your comments below 

 My Outfit Details
Snood/Scarf: Woolworths
Ankle boots:  Gino Paoli
Leather skirt: Mr Price
Shirt: Mr Price
Coat: Ackermans

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