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August 07, 2016

I feel like I have been gone for some time. Only to realise that it has only been 5 days since I last posted; but it may seem like forever to others including me. How are you all doing? I am guilty of often delving into the business of the day without even greeting sindisosdiary’s greatest and dearest friends. I have been well and I hope you are doing well too.

Am I the only one excited about the Olympics? I have been finding myself planning my sleep schedule around the championships. I have already picked out the sport genres I am willing to sacrifice my sleep for. I am hoping I am not the only one slightly over zealous about the championships; or am I? Even from an early age, I always enjoyed and followed them religiously hence I never quite understood why they only came every 4 years… Everytime they come to an end, I feel like I am going to be cheated of my time with the couch for another 3 years or so. I am generally not a big television fan, not that I do not watch it; it is just that I find the soapies and the so called reality TV very much fabricated and every story line being overly exaggerated. So you will most likely find me on the internet or reading a book or even listening to music; i.e. at least 90% of my spare time.
Yesterday I saw some of the best Archery competition in a while. In fact it was an act of pure mastery from the Korean men’s team. On the same breath, my heart was also broken when a German gymnast fell and broke his leg. My heart was so heavy that I had to retire to bed. I know I get overly emotional but I had to. Who goes to participate in one of the world’s biggest spectacle and only for them to be badly injured? It is so sad indeed. At this point though, we can only wish him speedy recovery. I hope you are supporting your favourites nonetheless.
Thanks for stopping by as always. I bought this dress at a small shop in Knysna a couple of months back. I loved that is was denim up top and with a flowy and airy bottom. It was a nice combo that can easily take you from one season to another. As always, remember to share your comments below. Mwah for now! Be on the look out for a new face in the next post. I am so excited so much so that I cannot wait to share the post with you. Cheers 

Outfit Details
Dress: Some shop in Knysna
Belt: Jet Store
Shoes: Truworths
Coat: Mr Price (Very Old)
Clutch: Next Joburg

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