How Much Of One's Personal Life Can Be Shared On Social Media

August 14, 2016

I have been struggling a little bit about how much of one’s personal life is good to share without being judged for it. What good and bad will overly sharing (which is relative) can do if not open a door for people to be up in your business (personal life and otherwise). Those that know me very well will tell that it takes an arm and a leg to actually open up about certain aspects of my life. We are living in times where technology has afforded us the means to see what people around us are up to and their possessions. Many can deem it as being too boastful, egocentric or simply being a show off.

I have been asked to write about life and the challenges I have experienced to date or how I got to where I am at today. I will be honest and say I am a little apprehensive or on the fence about it. As much as I enjoy reading and hearing about other people’s stories, I am afraid of what sharing a little bit more of my personal life (than I already have been doing) will do to my family life outside of social media and work life. I have had people tell me that when they come to my house it is as if they are meeting me for the first time. Off course I would respond by saying that; what I cherish and value the most I try by all means to keep its integrity and ensure that it does not get polluted by life’s injustices as much as I can. Does mean that I am living a perfect life? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have challenges like most people but that does not mean that it is for me to expose it to the world.

So where do we draw the line between sharing just enough about our lives and not be seen as boastful when you are only being yourself? Why is society so judgemental and not very supportive or appreciative of our differences? Is one not entitled to be who they would like to be? Is it human nature to always find something bad or negative to say without appreciating what you are being presented with and not read too much of it. I choose to minimise the noise and only show what I think would make me relatable and fit in. I know it may not be good but it keeps me sane. Well others can also argue that the adverse of that can mean that you are too guarded and people want to know the “real” you. Again how will me “sharing” more of me prove that, that it is the “real” me? HHMM!

Maybe I am one of those naïve ones that just think people should be able to do or live with whatsoever they wish their lives to be. What is your opinion on this friends?

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