Tapping Into Unfamiliar Territory

August 21, 2016

These are exciting times in my world as I feel like my passion is leading me into greater and bigger things. I know that it may be a little premature but I think I am seeing some progress and people are taking note of the potential this blog has. It is scaring me at times as I feel like everything is happening too fast. Does that mean that I wish it could pan out otherwise? A big fat – NO! It  is just that I tend to be over citical of my work and efforts which can lead to me doubting my potential or even underestimate what blogging can do to one’s aspirations and dreams.

Last month I attended my first Public Relations event. It was for the Iman Cosmetics E-commerce site launch which was held at Tintswalo Lodge in the upcoming Waterfall City area. What an experience it was. I got to meet other bloggers playing in my field. I did not know what to expect but even then I still managed to have a few meaningful and fruitful conversations with some established industry players. As a new blogger, it can be intimidating when you find yourself at these events because you are not sure if people will be receptive of you as a person or even what you have to offer. I guess this is fueled by the fact that you are meeting people who have been in this space for years and you are only just finding your feet. It is intimidating right? It has however made me realise that I still need to work on my networking and interpersonal skills.
Not to deviate from why I was there; I must say I found the Iman Cosmetics E-commerce site to be user friendly and easy to navigate. It is easy to follow especially when you are browsing their product range or making an actual purchase. Their checkout process even offers an overnight delivery service for those urgent and last minute buys. I also got to try their lipsticks and blushes; and I must say they definitely do compete with some of the best on the market. They have a velvety texture that feels so good on the skin. It is just unfortunate that the lipstick I got in my goodie bag does not suit my skin tone. Luckily I gave it to one of sindisosdiary’s followers.
I recently also got invited to the Edcon International Brands Spring - Summer Season Collection Launch. I thought the first PR event overwhelmed me but this one shook me a little. There were so many Instagram personalities, editors of mainstream and upcoming magazines; and off-course bloggers. There was lots to be seen and admired from the diverse fashion items that catered for everyone. Be it a hip or ladylike fashion item, there was lots to choose from on the offering table. I even got to see some childhood favourites of mine; Dr. Martens shoes. I bet you also had a pair or knew someone who owned a pair of Dr. Martens shoes. Some of the brands that were showcased included River Island, T.M Lewin, Vince Camuto, Jigsaw, Lancome, Dune London, Benefit and Estee Lauder Cosmetics.
Both events were well organised and a success. I also like the fact that there was a diverse group of people who attended too. There were established and upcoming bloggers, magazines and the general public. Herewith are some pictures for you to enjoy.
Lastly, be on the lookout for the posts to come as I will be sharing the best of the Summer and Spring 2016 style collections for some of these brands; Jessica Simpson, Dune of London, River Island, Lipsy, Jigsaw, The Only and Vero Moda. Cheers for now and thanks for stopping by as always. Remember to leave your comments below. If you are an Influencer ( especially for Beauty and Fashion), I would like to hear what your first experience at a PR event was like. Mwah for now!

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