The Thief That Really Tried It But Never Made It

August 01, 2016

Honestly where are we supposed to feel safe when we are being pick pocketed in the grocery stores? I swear this past week was not my best week at all. I have always heard of stories of being searched whilst at the grocery store and even seen one guy attempting to steal something from another lady’s bag. But nothing has ever happened to me until now. I feel like I am experiencing a lot of first times in my adult years.

So I was at Checkers buying groceries. Then this other man and lady were also in the store also pushing a trolley as if they were buying groceries too. Coincidentally so, in every aisle I went to they were there. First contact came in at the margarine and butter fridge where I was picking Stork Margarine and the man came very close to me and picked one up as I stood up in time before he could to anything. At this point I also never thought much of me bumping into them everywhere around the store. I had my cellphone in my pocket and I guess they probably noticed it peeking out when I bent to pick some food items up. I swear you would not think they were criminals in any way. They pretty much clean up very well. The girl was wearing an army green jumpsuit and some fierce boots and the guy had on a blue blazer and some black pants.
To cut the story short; as I got to the tills to pay (this was their last opportunity to bamboozle me), there was a dvd bin by the till point and the lady (criminal) was going through the dvds. I noticed that she was just picking them randomly without an interest or clear picture of what she was looking for. Coming towards me was a lady who works at the store and she noticed the man pulling pyjamas off the aisle next to where I was queuing and shoving them in his trolley. Suddenly the man was by me, very close for comfort. You could swear we were an item and could not wait to get home for some entertainment the way he was too close to me. So I tried to make way for him in case he was trying to speak to his girl who was also next to me. After a second or 2 he moved. At this point I could see something was not right. The lady working at the store was staring at me and you could see she had a million things to say but obviously she did not have any words because she was sure if he took anything or not.

Then I put my hand in my pocket and my cellphone was gone. As I turned towards him, he was rolling the pyjamas in his trolley like a ball. I do not know where I found the guts or the strength to confront him but I did. I just told him I want my phone. He looked at me and said what phone. I took the pyjamas and lifted them up one by one and my cellphone fell. I asked him what was my phone doing in his trolley. I started getting louder and he ran to the back aisles. Then the girl was asking as if concerned what he did. When I relayed the story she said she was surprised he was trying to make conversation with him about the dvds. I told her do not try and patronise me thinking I am a fool. You were with him following me around in every aisle. Then she started walking towards the door and I ran to the security guards. I called my younger brother and he came to the store as fast as he could because I was so shaken than something like this could happen.  
Basically I just want to say that these thieves or criminals are everywhere and let’s be vigilant at all times. A criminal can disguise and come in any shape or form. Centurion Mall is one of the busiest but not overly so that you cannot breathe but it happened to me. Take care and have a great week. The look is the same outfit with a different coat worn on top. 

 Outfit Details
Cardigan: Truworths
Dress: Mr Price
Ankle Boots: Kelso @ Edgars
Coat: Ackermans
Lambert: Thrifted in JHB CBD

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