Chilly Spring Day In Pink And White

September 14, 2016

There is definitely no two colours that say girly when put together than Pink and White. But that does not mean men cannot wear Pink and still be masculine. In fact most metrosexual guys rock pink better than women at times.
Today is a bit chilly outside and I thought why not put together a look that says Spring and Winter combined. I know I have a serious obsession with the cold weather but can you blame me for that? For this look I paired some nude pumps with a simple White skirt and a Pink Knit. I actually found this knit in the clearance section about a week ago at Ackermans when I was buying a baby shower gift for a friend. I remember reading a recent post from Meron that says that “SALE” is every shopaholic’s favourite word; well it definitely is mine. I would rather sacrifice a lunch meal or movie date for a new dress or a pair of shoes. Hence I am working so hard so that I can afford the lifestyle because it surely does not come cheap. Even though I do spoil myself ever once in a while I shop smartly. I splurge when I need to and shop smart when required to too. We all have our weaknesses and mine is hands down shopping. I call it my weakness because the day they remove the ability to shop in my life, I will be brought to my knees begging to at least shop one last time J
I have heard some people even say that maybe I am in the wrong profession. That I should have went into merchandising and not necessarily Information Technology (IT). IT however is affording me things I want so I am not regretting much about my career choice. I must say that there are some serious women balancing being Fashionistas, Mothers, Wives and Career Women. So it is possible. Nothing comes for MAHALA (for free). If it does, you should ask yourself why is it just being handed to you on a silver platter. All good things are always achieved with serious hard work and sacrifice. I hope this statement can inspire someone in saying that do not be lazy for your dreams and aspirations can be attained with sheer DETERMINATION and HARDWORK; and off-course being a person of FAITH.

Thanks for stopping by and please share with me what is your worst habit that will be so hard for you to let go off. Remember to share the post with your friends and loved ones. Have a wonderful week and mbyeee for now

Outfit Details
Knit: Ackermans
Skirt: Truworths
Shoes: Woolworths
Clutch: Next Joburg

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