How To Be A Well Rounded Woman

September 20, 2016

Today we live in times where women do more than just being house wives. They are no longer defined by the surnames they carry but by the impact they have to those around them. It is times like these that we find ourselves juggling being wives, mothers, sisters, confidants, prayer warriors and career women. 
This post is more dedicated to those kind of women. Women who are go-getters and are not just waiting for hand me downs but work hard for what they want and need. I remember when I was at varsity, I learned of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs which says that for mankind to survive, you must have the following i.e.

·         Physiological Needs: These are must have traits and survival hacks. Things like Air, Food, Water, Shelter, Warmth, Sex and Sleep. Women know how to source most of these resources and if they do not, they know someone who does. I think God made us women for a reason. We have the power and the will to make sure that those we love have most of the aforementioned physiological needs. 

·         Safety Needs: These are secondary to the physiological needs, i.e. things like Security, Law, Order, Stability and Freedom. Imagine we just survived on the physiological needs alone and that is all we needed. There would be no law and order. I believe women have the power to change the way the world works. We have the power to influence everything that happens around us. You do not necessarily have to go outside and shout out loud the change you want to see. But you can start at home by raising responsible, caring, honest, respectful, law-abiding and hard working individuals. Did you know a woman has the ability to change whatever decision a man has already made for the better? Know your power WO-MAN

·         Love and Belonging Needs: These are traits like Friendships, Affection, Identity and Love. Who does not like to feel like they have a sense of belonging? No one! Hence we have communities, organisations we work with or for, we have churches we attend, we have family names and cultures. These are important in defining our identity. And an identity is one thing that brings one's uniqueness to the fore. Identity is influenced by your surrounding. Do you see where I am going with this? You surround yourself with positive people; positive thoughts and energy will manifest in your life and to those around you. 

·         Esteem Needs: These are more of the ego boosting needs, those things that separate you from the rest. Things like Achievements, Mastery, Independence, Status, Dominance, Prestige and Self-respect. All of these are however relative just like success is. We define these based on our boundaries that we often set for ourselves. If I say that I need to have a doctorate qualification for me to say that I am better than my counterparts or for me to be successful so be it. We all have some kind of pride and ego it just comes out in certain instances or when some circumstances happen in our lives. It is not necessarily a bad thing because it is these traits that encourage growth and change. When you are not happy with the situation you are in, you have the ability to change it. 

·         Self Actualization Needs: These are necessary for us to push ourselves to be better than we currently are. I believe we have a potential of being better friends, employees and employers, better companions, better human beings and the list goes on and on. These needs are related to realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment and seeking personal growth. You can change any situation you are in through education, finding a better job, being a self-starter and entrepreneur. Do not wait for someone to determine your future, you can do it.

So how does one become a well rounded woman in this day and age? By leading a balanced life that ensures these needs are met and fulfilled regularly. You cannot be an influential woman when you are pessimistic and lazy. We need to build a nation of hard workers and go-getters and we can only do this by leading by example. Children and those around us often learn through our actions. Can we honestly say we can survive without any of these? I do not think God made a mistake in making us women, he knew that in us the world can be a better place. 

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