Spring Is Finally Here

September 06, 2016

Spring is finally here. We have been waiting for months to bring out our Summer dresses and colourful clothes. O what a time this is going to be. As much as I am excited about it, I am also a bit nervous about some of the fashion we are going to see. 
I remember my varsity days where people would be wearing the skimpiest of skimpy shorts and dresses that showed their butts even when simply just standing. Then one would ask themselves how are they not feeling that there is a lot of fresh breeze hitting those parts? How that dress code was even allowed in the lecture rooms, nobody knows. It was a serious distraction that boys would always drop their pens in the lecture rooms and ask the girls to pass it to them.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing a little bit of skin but we all know people tend to go overboard with that. However you can wear your mini skirt, dress and shorts but please do it tastefully so that it leaves something to the imagination.  Also please be conscious of your surrounding and the environment you are in. I have seen people on the train trying to sit down and they can barely do so because the skirt or dress does not allow them the freedom or in this instance the LUXURY to do that. Let us not put ourselves in such compromising situations where we end up dropping our pride and self worth on the floor because of what we wear. Be your own sexy self and be all of that with class. You do not want to mistaken to be one of the ladies working around the corners of most streets in Johannesburg, looking for customers at some shady and tattered building.

Have yourselves a wonderful Spring season and bring that sexy back with some serious vengeance… Thanks for stopping by as always and please share in the comments section what you are mostly excited about this Spring season. The look on this post was inspired by this clutch from Dune London.

 Outfit Details
Jacket: H&M
Skirt: Jet Store (Last year)
Shirt: Mr Price (Oldie)
Shoes: Spree
Bag: Woolworths

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