How To Stay Winning In A Relationship

November 26, 2016

Relationships are often those sink-holes we dive into by faith or optimism that they become a success. No one can honestly say the intention of getting into a relationship with someone is just to pass time and not hope for a positive end goal. I am one of those that when I got into my current relationship, I was a broken soul. I was in the process of mending and finding myself again. If you have not read a piece on how my partner and I got together, Here it is.

So how does one stay winning in a relationship?
Don’t be mistaken, me using the word “winning” does not mean my relationship is perfect or rosy every day. It has been a journey of many misfortunes and challenges but the most important thing is that we are still standing. We are learning more and more about ourselves as the journey unfolds in front of us. So today I am sharing some of the things that we have been trying and are implementing to make sure that we become the best team we can be.

I don’t think I can reiterate how important it is to open your mouth, heart and soul and let your significant other know how you feel; especially when you can see that they are listening to you and not just countering what you are saying. Communication is about talking amicably about things that concern you with the intention of those thing changing for the better. I am not good with expressing myself so when I decide to have a serious conversation with my partner, I expect him to listen and take in what I am saying. And I try and do the same.  
Planning together:
Ever heard of the saying “Failing to plan is you planning to fail?” In a relationship you cannot plan your future alone. The minute one person decides and acts on things that affect the future of the relationship individually, it is when you are no longer headed in the same direction as a team. You can’t plan for 2 people when the other party is left behind or not even included in the conversation. If you are not having the conversation with your partner, who are you having it with?

Being vulnerable in front of your partner:
Being able to let your guard down and express what is unsettling to you without the fear of being judged, it means that you are very comfortable with your partner. You should be comfortable to be silly around your partner, to be able to say I love you and it being reciprocated; to be able to say I am sorry when you do wrong. There is so much power in saying I am sorry that mostly men don’t realize just how it can be a determining factor between a successful and a failing relationship. Don't be afraid to tell your partner just how much you appreciate them or how you are happy that they are in your life.
Working towards financial independence:
Money can make or break a relationship. You can work towards financial independence from debt but don’t ever lose focus of what is important in your relationship over money. Those that love money more than anything, often have it in bucket loads but no one to enjoy it with. Many families and relationships have been broken over chasing money and its adventures and you will eventually lose focus of what is important in life. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it. Have a wonderful weekend friends. What is the biggest lesson that your relationship has taught you? If you are on Google+, please add me and I will do the same.
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