Modern Vintage And Orange

November 10, 2016

You know when they say “love at first sight” I often wondered if there was such a thing or people are just bluffing. Well I can attest today that there definitely is such a thing. When I saw this dress online, I fell in-love. Some may say there is nothing special about it but to me it just tickles my fancy. Ever since I bought it about 3 months back, I have worn it at least 5 times. That is a lot considering that there are items I have not touched for months if not years in my wardrobe, literally.  
The cut just gave me vintage vibes. The neck is raised up to the chin and the colour is as bright as an orange fruit. It has a cinched waist with a tie belt and a zip that runs from the belly button to just below my chin. I am sure words will fail me if I were to be asked about any other dress I own in comparison to this one. I just love it. I paired the dress with a long blazer that I bought on Instagram and white mules. Enough about this dress, I am sure you get the point lol. 
I hope you are having a wonderful week. To those in the United States, how are you feeling about the political landscape of your country? I am tempted to write something and give my opinion. To those who may have read this post after I had just published it, you may have noticed there was content from my next post. Apologies!

 Outfit Details
Jacket: Thrifted Instagram
Dress: Mr Price
Shoes: Woolworths
Scarf: Mr Price

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