25 Get To Know Me Questions Tag 2016

December 07, 2016

When I decided to start this blog, one of the few tags I wanted to do was the “25 Get To Know Me Questions Tag”. I wrote this piece almost a year ago to-date. It was meant to be a part of the first few posts I published but somehow I felt I wanted my readers to know me from the way I present myself in my posts than me just telling them that this is who I am. Now I think some of the things I will be saying will have meaning and you can actually “see it” in me. The 1(one) year anniversary of sindisosdiary is almost here, and what better day to publish this post than today. Whilst talking about that, I have been putting together a small token of appreciation (gift) which will be awarded to one lucky follower of sindisosdiary. The details of the giveaway will be in my next post, so be on the lookout for that.

What is my middle name: It is Gratitude, and yes Gratitude is my name ha ha ha. In fact I think I should tell you a bit about my first name Sindiso. I remember growing up and hating that name because I had no idea what it meant. My mom is Pedi (South African) and my biological father is Shona (Zimbabwean). I was raised with Pedi customs and traditions as my parents separated when I was about a year old. One day I asked my mom if I could change my name to Kgaugelo because all the kids at school were teasing me that I have a funny name and I do not even know what it means. If you are African, you know that our vernacular names have meaning. She said my girl, this is a confirmation that you were meant to have this name. I was baffled that how can this woman say this when I just said I wanted to change it. She explained that Kgaugelo and Sindiso mean the same in different languages. In English my name means Salvation, therefore Kgaugelo is a Pedi name/meaning and Sindiso is a Zulu equivalent of the latter. But still how did I end up with a Zulu name?

Well my aunt is saying she gave me that name as she had a friend whose sister was named Sindiso and the little girl was as beautiful as me J and my father says he named me lol. Whichever one, this name was clearly meant to be mine. And I claim it!
What was my favourite subject at school: Chemistry. Funny enough back in the days, we had a subject called Physical Science; and it comprised of Physics and Chemistry. I was always good, in fact gifted in Chemistry but I would barely make it in Physics. How many of you had subjects you excelled in and were dismal in others? I am hoping everyone
What is my favourite drink: Flavoured Water and Red Grapetiser. I have a serious addiction to flavoured water, I think I have tasted almost if not all the flavours we have here in South Africa
What is my favourite song at the moment: Do Like That by Korede Bello. I am pro Afro jams anytime even though I have a diverse collection of music in general
What is my favourite food: Slap chips and bananas; and they are not good to me at all. You can see it in the extra weight I am carrying around 
What is the last thing I bought: Scarf from Mr Price and 2017 Diary from Typo 
Favourite book of all time: I have lots but the few ones that are top of mind are: The Perfect Wife by Lyndsay Sands and Some Of My Best Friends Are White by Ndumiso Ngcobo which is a comic with short stories of how different races in South Africa behave in certain situations
Favourite Colour: Blue and Brown. I think if you track back to all the posts I have published to date, there is always something Blue and/or Brown 
Do I have any pets: Nope. Also not planning on having one, maybe when I have little ones and they want a puppy I might reconsider
Favourite Perfume: YSL Manifesto(is discontinued in S.A) and this month it is Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift and Zara Nude bouquet
What do I collect the most:  Perfumes, Shoes and Handbags; in that order
Favourite Holiday: Relaxing weekend in Mpumalanga is something I look forward to at least once a year. However I would like to visit Kenya, Ghana and Europe in the coming Year or 2
Am I married: Yes
Have I ever been out of the country, if so how many times: Yes numerous times, mostly to countries in Southern Africa
How many siblings do I have: Three, 2 Brothers and a lil sister. I thank God for giving me siblings that couldn’t be more different to me in personality and passions than mine. Yet we love and complement each other so well
What is my favourite store: It has to be Mr Price because I find myself at the store more times than I can actually count even if I am not buying anything. I can never go to the mall and not pass at the store.
Favourite restaurant: Che @Maboneng Precinct Johannesburg and Baobab @Menlyn Shopping Center and for fast food Chicken Licken
When was the last time I cried: Last night. I was watching Youtubers Jamie and Nikki’s episode where Nemo(Nikki’s lil brother) reacted to seeing how big sis had decorated his room. It was very touching moment to see how kids appreciate the simplest of things and we fail to appreciate big things we receive in our lives
Favourite Blogs: I have so many that I love that if I were to list all of them it would take a post and a half. I have 100s of blogs I read daily for different interests. I definitely enjoy well written, witty, funny and informative blogs that cover beauty, travel, fashion and lifestyle. Guaranteed those that have been on my blog and commented, yours are top of my favourite blog's list
Favourite Movie: Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis. Even though it is about the horrific tragedies and aftermath of genocide in Nigeria, it was still well made. It makes me cry every time I watch it. I even have it on DVD
Favourite TV shows: Arranged, Hawaai 5 O, Property Brothers, The Fixer, Empire
What phone do you have: Samsung S6 Edge and Asus something, forgot model
How tall am I: 1.57 cm, almost a lil person J Not intended to offend anyone
Can I cook: Hell yaa, I got to hubby’s heart through his stomach (at least that is what I think). By the way that is a direct translation of an African idiom. The best dishes that win me some points with my family are: Lamb Stew, Thai Chicken Curry and my twist on the traditional Samp and Beans; oh and sticky spicy chicken wings

I hope after this post, I can move in with most of you guys lol. Thanks for stopping by and those that have done similar tags or the same one; do share the links to your posts in the comments section and I will check them out.  Herewith are some pictures from my varsity days, i.e. between 2005 and 2009. My poses have not evolved at all, talk of refusing to change lol.

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