2017 Our Year!

January 13, 2017

Compliments of the New Season to you and yours! I know I have not been consistent but I have been enjoying the best life could give and somehow my being is refusing to snap out of it. I am still a bit tired and drained, even when I get enough sleep I still don’t feel like my rejuvenated self. How were your holidays?

Every year around this time we all jot down our New Year Resolutions, normally it is a carryover of what we did not manage to accomplish the previous year with an addition of one or two new ones. This year I am hoping to do things differently. I want to let life and God lead my every move. I have “big” plans that me alone will not be able to achieve. I know in my heart what I want to see come into existence and I have found that in the past when I wrote those things down, I became too hard on myself when those things did not materialise. Forgetting that no matter how much I may long to succeed in those things, they often happen when all “stars are aligned” (an african saying) i.e. resources and God’s timing. I am my own biggest critic, so when I do not write it down I know that I have nothing physical to remind me of my failure.
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in writing your resolutions down, I am for it too. It is just that this year I want to do things a bit differently.

Thanks for stopping by as always; I hope this year will be your best to date. May it be all that you want from it! I know most of us are back at work or some are at school too, this year I believe is ours to move up in the career department. 

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