Challenges With The New Equipment

February 23, 2017

Oh my goodness what did I get myself into. I have underestimated the learning I would have to do before I can have great pictures. The fact that it has been gloomy and raining everyday has also not helped at all. I bought the Canon 600D and my word; I am so lost between Aperture, Exposure, White Balance and Focus Modes. I thought this was a nice startup DSLR and it would be easier to learn but I have been finding myself so helpless.  There are few things that can make me feel like this and this equipment is one of them.

Not all is lost though, I am busy getting myself acquainted with it that only in due time I will figure it out. And we are also living in times where there are tons of resources like Youtube and search engines where we can find tutorials and learn from other people’s experiences. Enough of me ranting about this equipment; but who is so excited and looking forward to the winter season like me?
Countries or rather people in the Northen Hemisphere are gearing up for sunny days whilst we are preparing for winter. It has been said that this year’s winter is going to be the coldest it has been in recent years. But I feel like they said that last year too. Only difference though is that it has been flooding and a bit chilly already. Maybe 2017 winter will make us bond more with our partners as the weather will be conducive for that J so it is a win-win situation.
I wore this white skirt and burgundy bell-sleeved top that I coped up a couple of months ago. I feel like retro and 70s style is coming back with a bang. I am not one for buying trendy pieces but I just fell in-love with the sleeves and had to add it to my wardrobe as I can wear it with other pieces that are demure and simple. I hope you love how I styled it. Thanks for stopping as always, mwah
Outfit Details
Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Jet Store
Shoes: Zara
Handbag: Ginger Mary (Truworths)

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