Happy Valentine's Day 2017

February 14, 2017

I wish I had a profound message for you today, but surprisingly so I have none. It is hard to believe right? Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s cup of tea and I acknowledge that. There are those that are for it and believe in what this day signifies; and others that could care less for it.
The significance of this day does not just start and end on this particular day; it should be something that is lived and enjoyed every day. Sadly so, only a few get to experience how being in-love, being loved and to love is. I wish that may you all have a wonderful and blessed Valentine’s Day 2017. May you get to experience for yourself what it is and how it should be when you love, are loved and are actually in-love. It is possible to experience all those 3 with one person. Also don’t just settle for what you think the afore-mentioned 3 is even when you know in your heart that it is not there. God gave us the intuition and the feeling that only you, I mean you alone can tell when something is not right; especially for your well being. I love you all and be Happy!

Kindly share what you have planned on this day. As for me, I am going to enjoy music from 3 of my favourite guys in Mzansi’s Afro pop music scene; Vusi  Nova, Ntando and Nathi. Mwah

Also friends how do I edit these pictures once I put them on the computer because I am struggling. I think I will go back to my trusted phone.

 Outfit Details
Cardigan: David Jones (Woolworths)
T-Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Fashionesque: Instagram
Shoes: H&M
Bracelets: Mr Price
Watch: American Swiss
Handbag: David Jones

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