Love And Happiness Is A Choice

February 09, 2017

I have been getting lots of questions from friends and family asking me how I knew my partner was the one. And to be quite frank, I did not know that he was the one. All I knew is that he and I shared similar values. Then I chose love! 

I chose to love and for my love to be reciprocated. I chose him not because he was perfect and ticked all the boxes in terms of what I needed in a man. I chose him because he met the minimum criteria. Yes, minimum criteria because as we grow old together, I am learning and seeing things I do not like but most of them I can live with and the others we address as and when needed. My life is my message to me and the the universe that me choosing to love someone is me saying I am choosing to be with a companion than be lonely. Nowhere in that do I say I have it all figured out in terms of life and what it has to offer. Nowhere do I say that he will be all I need in a man. He is mortal after-all. 
I am of the belief that happiness will come to me when it actually comes from me. I must love in order for me to be loved. I deserve to be happy and as a result, I carve my own path for my happiness. Do I depend on another individual for my happiness? Absolutely not; but I do expect the other party to reciprocate the love I show to them. Sometimes one needs patience in order to find true happiness. I invest in my own happiness and anyone who comes into my life is just a bonus and not the main source of my true happiness.

Something to ponder on as I leave this post here, do you believe that in life, there is only one "true" soulmate for you?

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