A Day In My Office Wear 6: My Loved Studio.W Skirt

March 18, 2017

Good day loves. I have been thinking long and hard about publishing consistently. Now that the blog is growing and has a steady and consistent following, I think it is time that I have a set date for publishing posts. Last year sometime I mentioned that I would like to publish every 3 to 4 days but the challenge with that is it ends up becoming random dates and I cannot keep up with it. So now the new publishing days will be every Tuesday and Saturday and bonus post to be on some Thursdays. This translates to a guaranteed 7 minimum number posts in a month; and I am working towards that. Should there be a change in the schedule for that week, I will let you know on my social media as life is life and anything can happen. I hope you welcome this new change.
Office wear is changing from the standard black and white suit and now one can play around with different colour combinations that work for the office. Not only colour, but the silhouettes and cuts that were allowed in the office are also evolving with the times. Today’s style is more smart casual that can transcend from an office wear to dinner or catch up with the girls without feeling like you are overdressed or the look is confined to a particular place. I have been wearing anything and everything that meets the afore-mentioned. I do not like sticking out like a thorn when I am out because I am wearing the wrong type of clothes. I would rather stick out because of how the outfit looks on me (hopefully good) or the cuts are flattering.
I have been pairing cheap but of good quality pieces with affordable premium brands to complete my wardrobe. I am not about to break the bank on items that I will only use for a season or two. To those in the UK and further north in America, these are very cheap items when converted to your currency. Besides style is not about the price tag but how you can take a clothing piece and make it your own. I am also aware that my style may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I am hoping that everyone following this blog and its content; you like similar items or have a similar style.
I wore this Studio.W skirt in a post published about a year ago here and it is disappointing that it has taken me a year to wear the skirt again. I do not know why because I love it so much. It is light and airy and the fabric is the softest and feels like air on the skin. I paired it with a blazer from Zara, pointed heels from Jet Store and a tank from H&M. Can I just say that Jet Store footwear is up there competing against your Woolworths and Aldo ones. The comfort is just on the same level and one can run a marathon in them. Please do not sleep on Jet Store shoes as they are a fraction of Aldo and Woolworths but with almost the same quality. They cost R169 when Aldo courts can cost anywhere from R899 to R1299 whilst Woolworths ones can run between R599 and R1899 if not more depending on the brand for the same style shoes.


Outfit Details
Jacket: Zara
Neckpiece: Thrifted Downtown JHB
Tank: H&M
Watch: American Swiss
Skirt: Studio.W @Woolworths
Shoes: Jet Store
Belt: Mr Price
Handbag: Zara

Thanks for stopping by as always. I hope you like the look. See you soon

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