Enjoying The Last Few Days Of Summer

March 01, 2017

Hello Guys! We are finally into the last few days of summer and I could not be more excited. I must say that I have nothing against sunny days because some outfits are only justifiable only worn in that weather(Disclaimer lol). Even though today is officially the first day of autumn, the weather is still very much on the spring and summer tip. I mean it will still take a good number of days if not weeks to fully transition into autumn; but as mentioned in previous posts, I just prefer chilly days as the weather affords me the luxury of bringing out my outer wear.
I am from a place(hometown) where summer weather is like you are basking in an oven, even at night time. The heat and humidity is so unbearable that 2 minutes out of a shower you already feel like running back in. So I guess me not necessarily being a big fan of summer is kind of justified. There are however some perks of having sunny and springy weather. You get to wear close to nothing and no one will stare at you and wondering if you have started losing it. You get to wear the colourful, brightest and florally prints that just show off so well in daring and sexy cuts.
I wore this look to the office a couple of weeks back and it just brightened up my day. I had a hectic day and the thing that brought a smile on my face was everyone reminding me how bright the outfit was. Many likened it to sunshine and others to beautiful summer day. I could not help but cheer up when I heard that. I paired it with my trusted blazer I got from Zara; Studio.W handbag I have had for years and heels in my favourite style. I am starting to believe that when you look put together, you do feel better.
I hope you like it. And thanks for stopping by as always. Do share the post with your friends and leave a comment on what you think of the outfit. Have a wonderful start to the month. Mwha

Outfit Details
Blouse: Mr Price
Necklace: Mr Price
Skirt: Thrifted
Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Woolworths
Handbag: Woolworths

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