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March 27, 2017

Over the last couple of years I have been trying to define my personal style and how I would like that to mould the way the world sees me. It has been a journey of many misses and of hits too to be quite honest. Now I think I am at a point where I can say I have found my personal style. One’s style is not necessarily what looks good on everyone or what is currently in fashion/trending; but what works for the individual. Fashion and style is not the same thing but they are in the same family and they complement each other. Through fashion you can find your own style. Style is when you take a piece of clothing (fashion) and you make it your own. How you wear it and it brings out your best features, now that is style. 
I personally feel comfortable in dresses and skirts, they are what I believe look great on my body type. I am a modest person in general and my style reflects that. My personality is a combination of my character and how I present myself on the outside.  I gravitate towards items that are easy breezy, timeless and can be paired with almost anything in my wardrobe. If I cannot think of 3 ways I would wear the item, then I do not buy it. Unless it is a bizarre and one of a kind piece that I cannot for the life of me not have it, then I do not bother myself with buying it. I am of the view that one has to wear the items in their wardrobe multiple times without looking like you are repeating the clothing pieces. The clothing piece must look totally different everytime you wear it.
So how did I finally get it right in finding my style? Those that know me know that I like writing and putting together collages. So I used some of my solitude time to define the Sindy I want to see and do pictorials of what I want her to look like. I also found my style icons and looked at how they put together their outfits. From there I separated basic pieces to classic to trendy pieces that I would need to complete my wardrobe. In doing this, it allowed me to narrow down if not recognise the things I do not like or would not want to see in my wardrobe. The last thing was me finding the colour patterns that I like and completed my look with that. Nothing we do is new or miraculous, it has been done before. So why not make use of trusted formulas to your advantage. Try it and you will thank me later. 

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Outfit Details
Dress: Fashion World
Watch: American Swiss
Wooden Bangles: Got in Maputo Mozambique (2012)
Shoes: Zara
Handbag: Ruby @Cotton On

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