My Savings And Debt Free Journey Whilst Still Enjoying Simple Things In Life

March 08, 2017

Last year I wrote a blog post about changing my spending habits and this is still relevant even today. Saving and spending less was one of my resolutions for 2016 and even in 2017 I am still on that tip; to buy what I need and items that I will be able to wear multiple times and most importantly to save more. This is linked to another resolution that I never mentioned but is high on my priority list and that is “being debt free”.
Over the years I had to do so much and assist family and friends to a position where they will be able to stand on their feet. Those that know me will tell you that I am always sharing the little I have with those around me. I would take my last dime and help someone who is in dire need if that is what I have to. With that said, it meant that I had to put certain parts of my life on hold. Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret it at all. I believe that I can still catch up and have all those material things, just in due time. It may be taking me longer to attain those things than my peers because of my responsibilities but I will get there. I find my peace, solace and purpose in helping others.Last year I sat and put down a plan of how I am going to achieve this. I am a realist and not one to make impulsive decisions (sometimes lol) when it comes to life changing situations. I put down a 3-5 year plan that would afford me to be debt free. I am happy to say that in 3 years time, I will be in a much better situation than I am in now. I want to be in a situation that when my family grows, I will be able to provide and sustain it without sacrificing the quality of life.
So how do I afford the things I have? I make sure that I put a certain amount in my budget of things I need and cannot do without. Any other thing that is just a want can wait a couple of months. I make sure not to deprive and cut out all shopping altogether but to reduce the amount I spend and only use 2% of my salary on me. The rest I put it towards debts, savings, household and important things in my life. Obviously every once in a while I do spoil myself, but instead of making “spoiling myself” a norm, I have made it a once in a while kind of a thing. Let me know if you would like me to share updates of how much % of my debt I have managed to reduce after a couple of months and how this is going. I am open to sharing the updates, I won’t however tell you what and how much my debt is because that is personal.
I wore this beautiful dress I got from Anele on Instagram. It is a second hand piece that does not even look the part. So this is another way of me cutting costs but not sacrificing quality. One can still look stylish or like you have tried without breaking the bank. You just need to have an eye for those stand out pieces. I am not ashamed to say that I do wear second hand items, as long as they are clean and make sense to me, I will cop them up. Besides this whole vintage and second hand thing has been back and hot for some time and who am I not to get on the BANK, yes band wagon?
Thanks for stopping by as always and have a blessed week. Do join my Google+ family and follow me on my other social media for many more pictures on the looks I post on the blog and more.
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Mr Price
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Jet Store
Handbag: David Jones

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