Officially In The 30s

March 24, 2017

The weekend is upon us and I could not be any more excited. I feel like my mind has been on overdrive and I am constantly thinking and planning my life away. It can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing as too much of planning tends to leave no opportunity for spontaneous and unplanned fun.

This year I am officially crossing over to the 30s in age and boy or boy am I not panicking. I have been taking stock of all the items I was hoping to have achieved by now; and realistically speaking I am not far off in terms of career aspirations and life in general. It would be ungrateful of me not to acknowledge that I am far better off than I was a couple of years back. I am glad that most of the things that are in my control, I have managed to attain or achieve to date. Even though I am working on a couple of them, by end 2017 I would have rounded up the remaining ones.
Now let’s talk! What are some of the things that you think we tend to stress over in our 20s and will not mean much in the 30s? Since science tells us that today’s lifespan for an individual is around 55 years or so, this is making me panic so much that all I want to do is relax more. I want to, but I don’t know how. I feel like the time for me to have the best quality life I can possibly have is now, but how do I go about doing it? One of my resolutions for 2017 is to choose happiness over unnecessary stress. I choose to be more positive and less worried about what others think of me. Basically I would like to stress a little and enjoy life more. I would like to be more tolerant and have acceptance of the things I cannot change, and to gracefully work on the things I can. 
Today’s look is centred around the ballerina style skirt I bought about a year ago but has been collecting dust in my wardrobe. I paired the skirt with a men’s shirt and a teal knit, this colour combination has been my go-to lately. N:B Apologies for the quality of the pictures, they were taken on a very gloomy day hence they are a bit dull. Someone asked me who takes my pictures and it hit me that I never acknowledge or credit my younger brother (Khomotso Alex Moagi) for the good work he is doing.  He has been so supportive of my blogging journey that no matter when and how many times I call him, he does so without complaining. Thank you! 

Lastly, thanks for stopping by as always, and have a wonderful weekend!

 Outfit Details
Knit: H&M
Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Aldo
Handbag: Guess

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