Reinventing Oneself

March 20, 2017

As I write this post, I reflect on my quest to being a well rounded woman. A woman after her own dreams and aspirations; a home maker; a partner and all that God desires me to be. Change is something that I often preach about but when the time comes to act on it, I am reluctant to act.  I have been thinking long and hard that I am not happy about certain things in my life. I am learning more and more, especially now as an adult that reinventing oneself should be a norm. It should live in me, it should be a part of my everyday, and it should be something I never forget to do because I would have forgotten who I am. So how am I going to see this change through? How are we going to see this change through?

Herewith is the 3 things that I believe will help you and I on this journey to reinvention
·         Vision – We must look within and at our current situation and then envision our future without the things we no longer need in our lives. It could be work, friendships, living conditions, relationships etc. Things that are toxic deserve no place in our lives to dwell on. To allow them to continue polluting the little positive things we have going on would be doing a disservice to one’s life. If you want a new car, have a strategy and a plan to attain it. If it means finding a better job, do it. Work at it, work towards your dreams without waiting for someone to change your situation. Never wait for hand me downs, you will never be independent. You will never be successful!
·         Surrounding oneself with like minded people – You cannot be on a journey to positivity and hang around negative people and expect them to share your vision. One needs to be equally yoked with their friends and other relations. When you are down, they would know how to encourage and pull you up. They would hold your hand or better yet, lend you a helping hand. Example: When you are trying to lose weight, you cannot stick around people who are telling you that trying to lose weight is a waste of time and resources. Even when you make headway, they would still say that you are killing yourself over nothing. These type of people are toxic and will always hold you back. You must share a vision with your support team; then you will make it
·         Plan and work towards the change you want to see – This year I decided to write down my vision. It affords me the opportunity to remind myself now and again of the end goal. I add tasks about how I am going to change the situation. Example: I am on a debt free journey. It will never happen that I will go to bed and wake up to being debt free without putting in the work; i.e. paying it off slowly or by being fortunate to find a large amount of money from winnings or family. That is how it is, an event has to happen and then the situation will be better. Nothing is for mahala (free). Economics has taught me that there is nothing for free. Even in a buy 1 get 1 deal, the “free” item is not really free because you are paying for it in other ways. I am of the belief that things that often come easy will not last. If you are not willing to put in the work to get to your vision, you are not ready for change. You are not ready to own the change. I hope I have inspired someone to make some necessary changes in their lives.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. Have a wonderful week ahead. I centered today's look around this beautiful off-shoulder top pulled high up to the neck. I got it from SheIn sometime last year and I am only getting to wear it now for this post. The red flowers on the top where enhanced by the red cardigan and the handbag. Then to finish it off the yellow shoes just bring balance to the whole look
Outfit Details
Shades: Rubi Shoes 
Top: SheIn
Skirt: Jet Store
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Poetry
Watch: Fossil
Handbag: David Jones

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