Burnt Orange And Nude For Lunch

April 11, 2017

Goodday family! Burnt orange is synonymous with Autumn and Winter, hence I thought this dress is befitting to make an appearance around this time. The weather has been slowly transitioning to colder days but we still have those days where we can get away with easy breezy airy dresses. 
I wore this dress to a lunch meeting with an old friend I have not seen in years, actually since our varsity days. It is amazing how time flies yet certain things remain the same. The only change is that we both have promising careers and families of our own. I remember back in the days we made a pact that no matter how successful or unfortunate life would be to us, we will always remember to be humble. I am so happy that, indeed that has not changed. We greatly shared our journeys of where we started, where we are at; and one other thing that has always been constant is enjoying simple things in life. Hopefully I will feature her on my blog someday because her style and fashion sense is just impeccable. I think we have both come into our own and are blessed to have what we have. Little as it may be to others, it is more than we could have ever asked for J

This dress has been my go-to for those days where I am lazy to think if anything serious to wear. It is a simple piece that when paired with the right accessories it just works. I like that it can be worn with sneakers, sandals or heels; it will still look like you tried. Since I have it in black too, I cannot wait to style it with sneakers and you can see how it looks then. But today I paired it with these nude sandals and a clutch from Colette Hayman for a simple yet chic look. Sadly (for others) the warmer days are getting few but I am so looking forward to the chilly ones. I have already started pulling looks for Winter posts, talk of being too excited. I hope you liked how I styled this dress today.
Outfit Details
Dress: Mr Price
Neckpiece: Jo Bockett
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Shoes: Legit
Watch: American Swiss
Thanks for stopping by as always and have a wonderful start to the week. Mwah

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