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April 27, 2017

I often get questions on how I put together my outfits and where I buy my clothes. Then the questions will be followed with statements like; when they get to the store they get lost and do not see any cute items or they get overwhelmed when walking into the store. I thought I should a start a series where I will show what I would buy for an office wear capsule wardrobe from A particular store. In this way, I will be catering for different price points because as-is, people’s budgets are different. I am doing this as I am assuming that almost everyone who follows my blog has similar style or like some items I wear.

In this series, I will feature at least 3 bottoms, 3 top items, 3 accessories and one or 2 bonus pieces of clothing I would buy and wear. 

To kick off this series, I will start with Mr. Price. This store is mainly available in Africa but they have been expanding in Eurasia and American countries. I like that their clothing pieces are affordable and the quality of their office wear range is not that bad. Obviously in most items you get what you pay for in any store, so this is not just a Mr. Price problem but all brands have items that are cheaper than others and the quality would also vary.
For my bottoms, I often go for dark and solid colours, but every now and again I do venture into patterned and colourful pieces. So in this post, I picked clothing pieces that will have a combination of the latter. The first piece I picked is a gingham skirt; I mean need I say more. Gingham is currently on trend and everyone and their momma have something in the gingham print. Then my second skirt is also a trend that has been around for about a year or so, i.e. lace/netted clothing. Then the last is a classic pair of pants. Personally I am not much of a pant wearer but when I do, I want it to be nicely tailored and form fitting.

For tops, I went for 4 tops that every woman should own, be it for work on casual and relaxed looks. These will work well with the bottoms I picked to create at least 15 looks minimum. Something extra I picked is a tweed blazer that will pair, complete and complement the other clothing pieces.

I picked a bowler bag which can double as a laptop bag. Even though it may not be made for it, it is steady enough to use every other day. Then I picked a handbag because every woman needs one. Last 2 accessory items, is a neckpiece and earrings because sometimes one needs to amp a simple outfit to take it to the next level. I have linked these items and you can see for yourself how affordable they are.

I hope you like what I have picked and have inspired you a bit.

Thanks for stopping by as always.

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