Gone Are The Warmer Days

May 17, 2017

Goodday y’all
I miss the day I actually took these pictures; it is freaking cold nowadays hey. I know I always say Winter is my favourite season but boy, I do not think I anticipated it to be this cold early on in the season.

This past weekend was supposed to be my shooting weekend for new looks and I could not do it. It was raining and freaking cold that I woke up, took a shower, had TEA yes tea; those that know me will tell you I am not a hot beverage kind of a person. I only have tea if it one of those days that your insides just cry for some warmth. As for coffee, I can have half a cup in 5 years and it will suffice. Anyway I was still telling you about my weekend, I basically stayed in bed after my trip to the mall and only got up to eat and take a shower. It was a nightmare in the daylight lol. Anyway, how are you all doing?
This look is me reminiscing of the warmer days when everything was just light and airy. I paired this skirt from NewLook via Asos with a tribal print T-Shirt and leather Jacket I should consider giving a break this year lol. The skirt has some metallic sheen to it and it can be worn inside out too. On the inside it is more matte and on the outside it is shiny. I got it as I wanted a similar piece from Topshop in blackish-green (I know there is no such colour, this is just how best I can describe it); when I could not find the skirt in my local Topshop I started hunting for a similar piece and this NewLook one caught my eye. It was at the perfect price point too (on sale for 24 pounds or so). To complete it I wore black heels from Aldo with a Guess handbag I got 3 years ago or so but never used it until this year. I still love it though. It may be dated but I feel it stills goes well with my clothes. I am not much of a trendy person hence I do not mind things that are a little rustic and old, as long as they look nice and are fit for purpose. These Aldo heels are the most comfortable shoes that you can run a 10km marathon in, not exaggerating I swear.
I hope you liked the simple look. I believe it can take you from office to a funeral with ease J. Thanks for stopping by as always, have a wonderful week . See you soon with some Winter inspired looks.

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