Wearing Black Again

June 13, 2017

For a long time I have been avoiding wearing black as much as I could. Purely because I associated the colour with all the bad/unfortunate circumstances that happened in my life; mourning, failure and disappointment and the list can go on and on. Someone may ask “how does the colour have anything to do with me experiencing setbacks, is that not a part of life?”
Well yes; in life we are bound to go through challenging circumstances, to go through life altering situations, to go through disappointments. But to me and coincidentally so, everytime I wore black something unfortunate happened. I would hear bad news, be disappointed, sad etc. It was as if me the colour attracted wrong things in my life. This also stemmed from the fact that in my culture, when you are in mourning you wear black to signify you are in pain, or your life in that moment was bleak. It showed those around you that you were sad or you are going through a bad time in your life. So because this is something that is eminent in my culture and has been a part of my upbringing; it was easy for me to believe that it was the cause of my pain or disappointments. It became easy to relate it to bad or wrong things, to believe that everything is happening  because I wore something in that colour. Then I thought the colour should not be worn at all if not sparingly.
But today, I am inlove with the colour because of this coat. Yes, a coat made me look at life and this colour differently. I remember being with a friend checking out what is currently in stores for the Autumn/Winter seasons. I did not even have enough money with me when I saw it. The coat was the last one available in my size and the store was closing in a few minutes which meant I could not even go and get cash for it. I begged the sales lady to keep it for me and told her I will send my friend to get it first thing in the morning when the store opens. This coat was on my mind and heart the whole time I was walking back to the office to pack and go home, in my sleep; it really shook my world. The next day I was working from somewhere 80kms away. I called first thing in the morning to remind my friend to pass by the store before going to work (I sound like a dictator now lol). I reminded her that they opened at 08h00 and if she is not there by the time they open someone might take it J. That was the length I was willing to go to so that I can own it. I know it is simple and may not be special in any way, but to me it is that and so much more. It gave me a fresh start and different outlook on life and the colour black.
The day I was going to collect it from my friend, I wore a flimsy cardigan to work and it was cold. You know why? Because I had a brand new coat waiting for me in the office. Before I put it on, I prayed for deliverance and change in perception about the colour black. The association with the colour dwelled more in my spirit and heart hence because I believed it was the cause of everything going wrong; it actually manifested into being. I needed to find the change and cut those shackles in order to move on with life positively. In closing, I have been wearing this coat at least twice a week ever since I got it. After this post though, I will be giving it a break as it deserves it. Otherwise people will start giving me the side eye or questioning if this is the only outerwear I have J.

I hope you enjoyed the story behind this coat and my relationship with the colour black. Thanks for stopping by as always, love you mwah. 

Outfit Details
Coat: Thrifted
Dress: Mr Price
Shoes: Woolworths
Clutch: Old

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