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August 18, 2017

Today's post is one which has been in the works for sometimes. Ever since I embarked on a journey to being debt free, I have been looking for brands that can still afford me the joy and will to save my money whilst enjoying the trendy and classic pieces everyone needs in their wardrobe. I must say that this lemon printed dress has a classic cut that I believe every woman should have or at least have a similar item in their wardrobe. Purely because it can be dressed up or down with ease.
Those that know me will tell that I am more of a dress and skirt kind of a person. I not only feel comfortable in these pieces of clothing, I feel like they flatter me the most. Now this dress here has not only won my heart but it has been in my thoughts every time I blink. Hence now, I thought of putting this blog post together with some of my favourite dress from Zaful. These are priced between $14 and $30. Honestly these prices offer you more for the quality of the garments. Do await a follow up post in the upcoming weeks with the review of some of the items. 
Something White and Easy Breezy
I hope you like these dresses as I feel can take you from a dinner date; to lunch to a walk on the beach etc. They also transition well from one season to the next too. As we are in the process of transitioning from Winter to Spring, and others from Summer to Autumn/Fall; one needs a dress that can stand the test of time. I do feel like most of these dresses can be worn for at least two(2) seasons.
Preppy Office Wear
Wedding Guest Appropriate
Bohemian Gal
By the way it is Romper season. Click here for the best of floral rompers. Get yourself a new romper this Spring - Summer season! Use the 10% off code: ZFEN01 to save some coins.
Thanks for stopping by as always. The links to the items are listed below each clothing piece. Cheers for now!

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