Dealing With Anxiety And Low Self-Confidence

August 13, 2017

Lately I have been trying to understand some of the emotions and anxiety issues I am going through. I have always been a confident young woman for the most part of my life. But lately as life throws some serious blows at me, the more I find myself questioning if I am good enough. It is easy to lie and portray a life of perfection; but this is not a reality for me and for most of us. As I try to navigate through life, the more I feel like my confidence is dying down and I get anxious about everything especially standing in front of people. Somehow I feel everyone can see through me and my insecurities, my imperfections and my weaknesses.
Just about a week ago, we had a family gathering and they asked me to say a few words. My stomach was suddenly in knots and I felt sick. No one can understand what I was going through in that moment. Normally I am one for a good banter session but this time things were different. I just wanted to go away, hide and just cry it all out. I just wanted to be alone. In that moment itself I realised that circumstances in my life were no longer the same. Something inside me has died. The bubbly person has suddenly become a weakened and lost soul. Anxiety has taken over my confidence. Doubt has taken over my joy.
I am not one to share about what is going on in my life but I felt compelled to. A follower of sindisosdiary asked me once how I deal with self confidence and how I come across as someone who has it all going well for them. It broke me a little that people think that there is such a thing as perfection. I am no different to the next person and perfection is relative. Do not look on the outside and assume that you are the only one going through challenges. We all have our own demons and anxiety issues. Even the most confident and “perfect” human beings in our lives go through the same if not worse doubt. You are perfectly normal as you are.
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I hope you enjoyed this post as it was a bit emotional for me to write it.  Thanks for stopping by as always.

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