A Day In My Office Wear 8: Florals And Trench Coat

September 26, 2017

Can I just say how much I missed my office wear posts (I know I am missing my own work, how vain huh). I work in a corporate environment where being presentable is a must. With that said, there is no standard colour palette that we are forced to adhere to. So I try by all means to experiment with colours that may not be everyone's favourite due to either being too bright or dull for their liking.
I wore this look a couple of times already and people where asking me why it has not made it on the blog yet. To honor their request and because I also love it so much, I decided to share it with the rest of you. The main piece that made me center the look around is this bright and colourful skirt from Mr. Price. Luckily for you, the skirt is  still available in stores and online so you can still get yourself one if you like it that much. It is also affordable, so you can just sacrifice a few drinks and/or one take away meal to be able to cop it for only R149. To put it into context, that is only equivalent to $11 and some change.
As you all know that I am on a quest to being debt free, this blog is also about looking "stylish" on a budget. The accompanying trench is also from Mr. Price but unfortunately it is no longer available as I got it 4 months back or so. But knowing the store, they always bring their best sellers back in stock so just stalk their site every now and again to see if it has not made an appearance again. I bought it for R349 if I am not mistaken and now I am kicking myself for not getting it in the fawn colour too. The rest of the items I styled this look with have made it on the blog before, where the shirt was featured here and here; then the shoes here

Outfit Details
Coat: Mr Price
Shirt: Studio.W @Woolworths
Skirt: Mr Price
Shoes: Jet Store
Bag: Ackermans
Watch: Fossil
Thanks for stopping by as always. What is your office attire or dress code; do you conform to it or your are a rebel like me?

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