Burgundy And Black, Perfect Like Red Wine

September 06, 2017

It is said that when a young woman ages, she turns to mature like fine red wine. And, I happen to agree with that statement. Today I am a couple of days away from celebrating my 30th and 31st birthday. I know you must be wondering why I am saying 30th and 31st huh?

Well biologically I am turning 30 but my birth certificate says otherwise. When I had my birth certificate done, it came with a wrong date of birth and identity number. Because I waited too late to do it and preliminary examinations where about to start in my matric year(Grade 12), I could not go and rectify the mistake as I did not have enough time to go and get it fixed due to exams looming in. So I have lived with a birth certificate and an identity document that is biologically not mine J
For years I was ok with it but now it is bothering me. Bothering me so much now as I feel I have not achieved everything I wanted before turning 30. In actual fact it is not so much the number but the fact that I feel not to be at par with my peers. Eish the compare-syndrome seems to be hitting me hard hey! It is technically not late to still pursue everything I originally set out to do in my twenties because I still have some 50 more years to go. But today, I am going to start with working on my mentality for a lot can happen with the right mindset.
Outfit Details
Coat: Thrifted
Shirt: Jet Store
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Topshop
Handbag: Thrifted
Lipstick: LA Girl
On to today’s look, I went for a red wine inspired look to tie the look to the post. Sadly this is the last look featuring this coat for 2017 as we are now in Spring. It is still a bit chilly but not so much so to wear a coat. I paired the coat with a burgundy skirt I got from Asos last year. I love to find some bits from this UK site as it carries a lot of brands that we may not necessarily have in South Africa but the custom charges are ridiculous. 

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