My Current Spring-Summer Makeup Favourites

September 25, 2017

Me sharing about makeup is a definite rarity on this blog. Well, reason being I think that applying makeup is a form of art or talent. Some people do it so well that it almost comes naturally to them whilst some of us struggle. It still fascinates me how a little eyeshadow and foundation can make one’s day that extra special. It is said that when you look good you feel good. There is no truth other than that.

I must say though that I am so grateful for the power of the internet. Since I came to a decision that I would like to apply makeup and do it well, I vowed to do my research and learn the basics from some of the best out there. Watching some of the best internet sensations like Dimmah Umeh, Jennie Jenkins, Mihlali, Alyssa Ashley, Jaclyn Hill and Jackie Aina; I can never go wrong.  Lately I have been dabbling a little bit more into my mini makeup stash trying to amplify my game. There is nothing more satisfying like when you finally feel like you can make yourself look decent.

Even though I have been playing with makeup lately, I still prefer to look as natural as I can possibly be, i.e. with less products off-course. I am still to use a concealer, contour, highlight etc because I like to do my makeup in 5 minutes and be done. So doing those extra steps is a chore and I feel it is for those that are not always rushing or running out of the house every morning J like me. Now time management is another topic I will have to touch another time.

Herewith is my top Spring-Summer makeup favourites
Foundation: I have been a L’oreal foundations fan for at least 3 years now. From their Infallible range to the True Match which I am featuring today. I love that this foundation does indeed blend in with the skin and gives a natural and skin-like finish but with that subtle glow we all need. The second is a powder I use to set my foundation or even use on its own on some lazy days from L.A Girl, and it is the PRO.face HD. High definition pressed powder in GPP614 chestnut.

Eyebrow: I have been using the Benefit cosmetics Ka-Brow! gel ever since I bought it at the Edcon International brands Spring-Summer event in 2016. It makes my brows look so natural and full. I have always had a few strands of hair on my brows but this ka-brow in 05 is the perfect shade to fill in my none existent eyebrows and I love it. I try to make sure that my brows are done at least 300 days in a year lol.

Lipsticks: One thing I tend to wear - a lot apart from fixing my eyebrows is lipstick. I have so many favourites but they are in the same family when it comes to shade and or finish. I love a matte or crème finish. So MAC’s Ruby Woo will always be my all-time favourite lipstick followed by LA Girl’s Snuggle and Va-Voom; then Wet and Wild’s Cherry Picking.
Blush: When MAC first hit our shores a couple of years ago, I bought my first 2 blushes which are both still my favourite. In this post I am mentioning Format because for some reason I cannot find Fever as it is probably in the car from the last shoot (basically I do not know where it is). The second is from Essence and it is the silky touch blush in 40 Natural Beauty which I normally use as a highlight on top of the MAC blushes as it is a tad too light for me but I love it nonetheless. It has a buttery texture to it and obviously looks nice on the skin too.

Eyeshadow: I have two palettes that have been a favourite of mine especially around this time of the year. The first one is the Colours limited eyeshadow palette called Namib Sky Matte with all the neutral matte colours we need to create any look. I got it 2 christmas’ ago and I still love it. The second is from Sleek and it is the Divine The Original 594 palette; it is a mineral based eyeshadow palette with all shimmer colours. 

Thanks for stopping by as always. I hope you have enjoyed this post; remember to share with friends and loved ones and share what some of your favourite makeup is in the comment section below. Mwah for now!

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