Reflection Of The Year Leading To My Birthday

September 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to me! I know I know, the post is a little late but I feel it is still pertinent to share what celebrating another birthday means to me. Firstly, thank you Lord for the gift of life. I would not be sitting here putting down these words if it were not for your grace and mercy. Words alone are not enough to neither tell nor show my gratitude. This birthday was just as special if not better than the previous ones. And my heart is genuinely full of joy.

A lot has happened between my last birthday and this one. There were many good things that happened; as we all know that with every positive thing, there is bound to be negative ones too. For one to learn and grow, one is to experience a fair share of the good and the bad. But one thing for sure, I am still standing through it all. I am stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever before. I have learnt to appreciate and see beyond a setback. I have become a living testimony. Many may not know of my trials and tribulations; honestly I am not expecting them to as it has nothing to do with them. But I love that when they look at me, they see only God’s grace and nothing less.
Otherwise my birthday was very simple yet special in many ways. I woke up to wonderful messages and calls from loved ones, family and friends. Even those that forgot to do the same; you can still call or send your message it will be appreciated just as much. As I get older, I try to keep some things between me and whoever it pertains to because not everyone will look at you and only see you for who you are without trying find the wrong or negative thing about what you are sharing. Hence going forth, this blog will only be about me and my passions, ambitions and journey to my destiny. I know you will be here to cheer me on, thank you in advance.

Outfit Details
Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Studio.W @Woolworths
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Woolworths
Handbag: Woolworths
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